Industry Birds of a Feather Sessions

Industry partners are scheduled to hold Birds of a Feather sessions as described here. As more details are available, they will be provided on this page. All registered HiPC attendees are eligible to participate in these sessions.


(10:00 AM – 12:00 PM - Tuesday, December 20)
Professor Meet, Innovation Awards Presentation and Academic Program Update
Ganesh Mahabala, India Academic Program Head


(1:00 - 3:00 PM - Tuesday, December 20)
Next generation Intel solutions for High Performance Computing
Compute: Knights Landing, FPGA, Skylake
  • Speaker: Seetha Rama Krishna Nookala

Storage and Interconnect: 3DX Point, IEEL, OPA Integration
  • Speaker: Paresh Pattani

Software: Orchestrator, Next generation Intel tools
  • Speakers: Chakravarthy Nagarajan and Austin Cherian


(3:30 – 5:30 PM - Tuesday, December 20)
Breaking the Barriers with Next-gen High-Performance Interconnect
Ashrut Ambastha, Senior Architect, Mellanox
We invite all participants and attendees for an open discussion on advancements in high-performance interconnect for HPC, storage and cloud-computing. In this session we will talk about networks ranging from the high-end HDR Infiniband interconnect for flagship systems to virtualized clouds that can run HPC workloads as efficiently as bare-metal hardware. We will also talk upon emerging standards in high-performance flash based storage systems and how technologies like NVMe over fabrics is breaking the traditional storage bottlenecks. We will also cover user wish-lists and needs for future HPC implementations and would be happy to take it as a feature request for our subsequent offerings.