Program Committee

HiPC 2020

Program Chairs

High-Performance Computing: Bora Uçar, CNRS and ENS Lyon, France
Data Science: Gagan Agrawal, Augusta University, USA

Program Vice-Chairs

HPC Tracks:


                         Kamesh Madduri, Pennsylvania State University, USA


                         Yogesh Simmhan, Indian Institute of Science, India

                         Ana Lucia Varbanescu, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


                         Biswabandan Panda, IIT Kanpur, India

              System Software:

                         Marco Aldinucci,  University of Torino, Italy 

Data Science Tracks:

              Scalable Algorithms and Analytics:  

                         Bingsheng He, National University of Singapore

                         Amelie Chi Zhou, Shenzhen University, China

              Scalable Systems and Software:  

                         Suren Byna, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA 











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