Sponsorship Opportunities

Industry Participation

The HiPC conference series has a strong relationship with industry, both within India and internationally, including industry involvement in its steering and organizing committees. The conference welcomes (and strongly encourages) industry participation are all levels including in the technical program, the student symposium, and especially in the industry, research and user symposium and vendor exhibition. Details about these and other events in the past years in the conference are available at the conference website at hipc.org. Various sponsorship opportunities are also available as listed below. Sponsors are also encouraged to participate in defining the industry, research and user symposium events.

Companies and R&D laboratories are encouraged to present their exhibits at the meeting.

More details will be made available here.

Please contact the HiPC industry liaison co-chairs for full details.


Industry Liaisons Co-Chairs ([email protected])

  • Rama Govindaraju, Google, USA 
  • Vivek Yadav, FullStackNet, Bangalore