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  Limits of Data-Level Parallelism
  Sreepathi Pai, R. Govindarajan, M. J. Thazhuthaveetil
  Radix sort on the Cell Broadband Engine
  N. RamPrasad and Pallav Kumar Baruah
  A Countermeasure against Traffic-Analysis based Base Station Detection in WSN
  Shibasis Biswas, Sayan Mukherjee, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya
  Exploring Computation-Communication Overlap in some NAS Parallel Benchmarks using Program-level Software Pipelining
  Rishabh Uppal, Dibyendu Das, Rajan Ravindran
  pxGrid - High-Throughput Protein Structure Determination using Computational Grids
  Noel Faux, Mark Bate, Colin Enticott, Khalid Mahmood, David Abramson, Ashley M. Buckle
  Variable Forwarding Cache Coherence for Chip Multiprocessors
  Best Poster Presentation Award
  Amit Roy, Supriya Vadlamani, T S B Sudarshan
  A Novel Task Replica based Resource Scheduling Algorithm in Grid Computing
  N. Kiran, V. Maheswaran, M. Shyam and P. Narayanasamy
  Interference Avoidance and Power Management in Hybrid Wireless Networks
  N. Kiran, D. Dhinesh Kumar, R. Duraisamy, V. Maheswaran and M. Shyam
  Feedback Based Dynamic Energy Aware Routing Protocol
  Haimasree Bhattacharya, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya
  On Supporting Disconnected Operation in Grid Computing
  Pavan Konanki and Ali R. Butt
  Coupled Climate Models on Grids
  Sivagama Sundari, Sathish Vadhiyar, Ravi Nanjundiah
  Heterogeneous Mesh Router with Mesh Connectivity Layer on IXP425
  Chitra Muthukrishnan, Manikandan Somasundram, Manjeet Chayel, Ranjani Parthasarathi
  Study and Improvement of Robustness of Overlay Networks
  Hema Swetha Koppula, Kumar Puspesh and Niloy Ganguly
  Performance Modeling Based Scheduling and Rescheduling of Parallel Applications on Computational Grids
  H.A. Sanjay, Sathish Vadhiyar
  Performance analysis of Particle in Cell Electromagnetic code using Infiniband Interconnect
  G. Singh, N. Sakthivel and S. Chaturvedi
  Designing Cellular Automata Structures using Quantum-dot Cellular Automata
  Mayur Bubna, Subhra Mazumdar, Sudip Roy and Rajib Mall
  Buffering Techniques in Sleep Doze Coordination and Grid Based Clustering Protocols as Power Management Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks
  Arpan Roy, Adway Mitra, Arijit Khan and Debashis Saha
  GNeuron: Parallel Neural Networks with GPU
  Raghavendra D Prabhu
  Exploiting the Potential of Cell Architecture for Parallel Random Number Generation
  Best Poster Award
  K. Gunaranjan and Pallav Kumar Baruah
  Three Tier Proximity Aware Cache Hierarchy for Multi-core Processors
  Akshay Chander, Aravind Narayanan, Madhan R and A.P. Shanti
  Artificially Intelligent Grid Assistant (A.I.G.A)
  Roshan Sumbaly, Abhishek Kumar, Gaurav Paruthi, Shubham Malhotra
  Automatic Inter-Procedural Parallelization
  Ravichandhran K.M, Bhaskar. P, Annamalai.S.P and Dr.A.P.Shanthi
  GARUDA Grid Integrated Testing Methodology Test Suite - GITeMS
  VCV.Rao, K Shiva Prasad, Irshad Khan, Jyothi N K, Nisha A and Samrit M
  Channel Provisioning and Flow Scheduling in Grid Overlay Networks
  Dinil Mon Divakaran and Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet
  Multi-Radio Routing For Wireless Mesh Networks Using WMRCETT
  L Vishnu Vardhaanan, D Prabu, S Venkata Ramanan, V Mary Anita Rajam
  Personalized Content Search and Retrieval in an Interest Group Environment
  Nishant Rayan, Sridhar.G, Rajesh.A, Dr.S.Swamynathan
  A Novel Encryption Scheme based on DNA Computing
  M. Shyam, N. Kiran, V. Maheswaran
  A Ranking Based Cross Domain Role Mapping and Authorization Architecture for Grid Computing Systems
  T.L. Prasanna Venkatesan, G Geethakumari, Srikanth Jampala, Dr Atul Negi
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