Travel Grants for Faculty & Researchers

(Working in Indian Academic Institutions)

In order to promote HPC related research, mentoring, and teaching in India, we have funding for a limited number of travel grants for full-time faculty based at engineering colleges in India to attend the conference and participate in the activities. These grants are above and on top of the reduced registration fees offered to these participants from India. These grants are aimed at full-time faculty who are unable to meet their travel expenses to the conference through other funding means, and who show the potential for creating value for the HiPC conference by expanding its reach. The number of travel grants is limited, so faculty interested in attending are encouraged to first try to exhaust all other means of travel funding before applying for this grant.

All applicants must be registered to be eligible for consideration. The application deadline is also the deadline for registering at reduced advance fees for the conference.


Application deadline: November 7, 2019

Award announcement: November 21, 2019



Full-time faculty at the Assistant Professor or higher designation who are teaching or conducting research at engineering colleges and other technical educational institutions in India may apply for the travel grants.


Selection Criteria

The selection of the awards will be based both on the need for funding and the mutual value for both the individual faculty/researcher and the HiPC community.


Expenses Covered by Travel Award

The awards, which will cover partial or (depending on funds availability) full travel costs, will be limited to the following:

1) Two-way rail or economy airfare between your institution location and the venue of the conference (Hyderabad, India), up to a maximum of Rs.10,000.

2) A fixed allowance of Rs. 10,000 for four days towards accommodations, meals, and local transportation during the period of December 17-December 20, 2019. (If attending for only 1-3 days it will be Rs. 2500 per day).

The award notification will specify the costs covered. Note that this award does not cover the registration fees. Applicants who receive the award will be required to register at Advance Fees before the deadline of November 21, 2019. The reduced registration fees for India based faculty are made possible through sponsorships from India-based industries and organizations. For more detailed information on registration, including fees and deadlines, visit the Registration page.


Travel Award Application

The application form here will ask you to provide information regarding work-related to HPC including publications, research, and teaching and to describe your objectives for attending HiPC 2019. Please submit before November 14th or earlier, if possible, so that your application will receive full consideration.


 How to Apply 

The application form can be accessed here. Complete the form and at the end hit submit. The information in this form will be evaluated relative to the objectives stated above and, depending on the availability of funds, awards will be made to the top qualifying applicants.

Applicants are encouraged to make their travel plans without depending on notification from the committee to ensure that the lowest cost flights and accommodations have been secured.