Mark Papermaster

Mark Papermaster

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, AMD

Title: Delivering the Future of High-Performance Computing

Abstract: The demand for computing and graphics technologies continues to grow inexorably – from traditional HPC to emerging analytics, machine learning, and compute intensive visualization. A new era of high-performance computing is upon us, however, it is increasingly clear that the techniques used until now will not deliver the same performance advances for the future. To sustain a Moore’s Law pace of performance improvements, the semiconductor industry is focusing on new areas of innovation. AMD CTO and Executive Vice President Mark Papermaster will discuss new advances in system architecture, silicon design and software that will enable future generations of computing and graphics products to deliver more performance with greater efficiency.

Biography: Mark Papermaster is Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering at AMD and is responsible for corporate technical direction, product development including system-on-chip (SOC) methodology, microprocessor design, I/O and memory and advanced research. He led the re-design of engineering processes at AMD and the development of the award-winning “Zen” high-performance x86 CPU family, high-performance GPUs and the company’s modular design approach, Infinity Fabric. He also oversees Information Technology that delivers AMD’s compute infrastructure and services.

His more than 35 years of engineering experience includes significant leadership roles managing the development of a wide range of products, from microprocessors to mobile devices and high-performance servers. Before joining AMD in October 2011 as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Papermaster was the leader of Cisco’s Silicon Engineering Group, the organization responsible for silicon strategy, architecture, and development for the company’s switching and routing businesses. He served as Apple Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering, where he was responsible for iPod and iPhone hardware development. He also held a number of senior leadership positions at IBM overseeing development of the company’s key microprocessor and server technologies.

Papermaster received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and master’s degree from the University of Vermont, both in Electrical Engineering. He is a long-term member of the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering Advisory Board, Olin College Presidents Council and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Most recently, he was appointed to the CTO Forum Advisory Board and IEEE Industry Advisory Board.