José Roberto Alvarez

José Roberto Alvarez

Senior Director - Intel Technology and Innovation CTO Office Network and Custom Logic Group

Title: The New World of Heterogeneous AI/ML High Performance Computing with Intel FPGAs

Abstract: Heterogeneous integration in semiconductors has revolutionized the capabilities and agility of FPGAs providing configurable, customized hardware solutions that are well suited for dynamically evolving markets in high performance computing such as AI/ML and Data Analytics, requiring flexibility and configurability as well as low latency. In a data-centric world, the challenge in not only to process data but also to move and store said data efficiently. This talk will show the progress and future directions in custom logic advanced architectures for AI/ML in HPC.

Biography: José Roberto Alvarez is Senior Director at Intel Network and Custom Logic Group in San Jose, California, where he leads the Technology and Innovation CTO Office, defining and implementing long term FPGA research strategy and roadmaps. He started his career at Philips Laboratories and has been involved in architecting, designing and implementing technology products for a variety of industries including broadcast, embedded, consumer, post-production and computer graphics for companies including Philips, S3, Broadcom, Maxim, Xilinx, and four successful start-ups in Silicon Valley. His research interests include FPGA advanced architectures and development tools, immersive media technologies and volumetric coding. His work has been granted 53 patents.

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