(Keynote Speaker)       Domenico Siracusa

(Keynote Speaker) Domenico Siracusa

Head of the RiSING Research Unit at FBK CREATE- NET, Italy and Decenter (http://www.decenter-project.eu/) co-ordinator.

Multi-tier Big Data Pipelines from Edge to the Cloud Data Centers Workshop

Keynote Talk

“Decentralised Technologies for Orchestrated Cloud-to-Edge Intelligence”

Short Summary

Progressive digitalisation, advances in communication technologies and the increasing complexity and resource demands of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications are fostering the need to support fine-grained dynamic management of resources on the Cloud-to-Edge continuum. This talk presents the fog computing system proposed by the EU-Korea project DECENTER to enable the harmonious orchestration of IoT and computing resources owned by big and small providers in dynamically created multi-cloud, federated environments. Starting from the requirements posed by AI applications, the talk presents the data distribution and resource orchestration challenges, discusses the main design principles which led us to the development and integration of open-source computing and blockchain technologies, and showcases the current implementation of the proposed fog computing system.

Short CV

Domenico Siracusa is the head of the RiSING research unit at FBK CREATE-NET. He received his Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and his PhD in Information Technology both at Politecnico di Milano, respectively in 2008 and 2012. His current research interests include orchestration of next generation Internet infrastructures, cloud and fog computing, SDN/NFV and virtualization, security and robustness. Currently, Domenico is the is project manager and technical leader of the H2020 EU-Korea DECENTER Project and the activity leader of the EIT Digital DigiFlow project. In the past, Domenico has been acting as principal investigator in publicly funded and commercial projects, offering his contribution in standardisation committees and open-source initiatives.