Report on HiPC 2018

Impactful Papers Published at HiPC

As part of the 25th year of HiPC, a committee has been constituted to select papers that are thought to be most impactful of the papers that have been published at HiPC over the past years. The committee looked at a large pool of papers, their citations across the years, and arrived at a shortlist of 25 papers. These 25 papers were put to vote to the PC Chairs of the past 25 years and a final list of the following seven papers are selected. Further follow-up steps will be posted soon.





Highly accurate data value prediction

Kai Wang, Manoj Franklin


Proactive Fault Tolerance in MPI Applications Via Task Migration

Sayantan Chakravorty,  Celso L. Mendes, and Laxmikant Kale


Accelerating Large Graph Algorithms on the GPU Using CUDA

Pawan Harish, P J Narayanan


Power: A First Class Design Constraint for Future Architecture and Automation.

Trevor Mudge


Design and Implementation of the HPCS Graph Analysis Benchmark on Symmetric Multiprocessors.

David A. Bader, Kamesh Madduri


A performance prediction model for the CUDA GPGPU platform.

Kishore Kothapalli, Rishabh Mukherjee, M. Suhail Rehman        Suryakant Patidar, P. J. Narayanan, Kannan Srinathan


Enabling CUDA acceleration within virtual machines using rCUDA

Jose Duato, Antonio J. Pena, Federico Silla, Juan C. Fernandez , Rafael Mayo, and  Enrique S. Quintana-Orti




HiPC Best Paper Awards

The following papers from the technical track were awarded best paper award.

Adaptive Pattern Matching with Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Graphs

Hiroki Kanezashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA), Toyotaro Suzumura (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA and Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain), Dario Garcia-Gasulla (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain), Min-Hwan (Columbia University and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA) and Satoshi Matsuoka (RIKEN Center for Computational Science and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Synchronization-Avoiding Graph Algorithms

Jesun Sahariar Firoz (Indiana University, USA), Marcin Zalewski (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA), Thejaka Kanewala (Indiana University, USA) and Andrew Lumsdaine (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington, USA)



SRS Best Poster Awards

Awards for Best Poster, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society – Technical Committee on Parallel Processing, were presented at the symposium. An online book containing the resumes of the students participating in the symposium was compiled and made available to the sponsors of the HiPC 2018 conference. The list of the best poster awardee is as follows:

Caching Strategy for Prefetch Blocks in TCMPs

Dipika Deb and Kashyap Mattoo


Convolutional Neural Networks for Predicting Highest Priority Functional Group in Organic Molecules

Kunal Khatri, Vineet Mehta, Manish Narwaria and Bhaskar Chaudhury


State Preserving Dynamic DRAM Bank Re-Configurations for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Kaustav Goswami and Dip Sankar Banerjee


 HiPC 2018 Photos