HiPC 2020 Registration Details


The 27th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics (HiPC 2020) will be held virtually December 16-19, 2020. There will be live remote sessions for keynote speakers and for the authors of the 33 conference papers accepted to present their findings and answer questions from session moderators. Registrants will be able to attend the live sessions and watch presentations and discussions by authors and speakers. Program details will be available in early December.

All papers accepted for the conference will be published as part of the proceedings publication that will be available before, during, and after the week of the scheduled conference (16-19 December). The online publication will include both papers and presentations (slides) for each paper. Access to the online publication is at no charge, but will require registration. As well, attendance at the virtual live sessions will require registration. Free registration will be available until December 15th, but you should register before that date to assure availability of the free registration.

For each paper, at least one author must be registered for the paper to be included in the proceedings. The author/paper registration deadline is 15 November 2020.



All Categories of Registrants

(Members, Non-members, Students)

Author/Paper Registration until November 15, 2020



By November 15, 2020

$100 USD / Rs 7500


Until December 15


No Fee

Additional Page Fee

$150 USD / Rs 11,000

per page



Please click here for Author/Paper Registration. There will be two categories of author/paper registrants: 1) authors from outside India and paying in US Dollars; 2)  authors from India and paying in Indian rupees.

Please click here for Free Registration.