HiPC Year of Programming, Exploration and Research (HYPER)

HiPC 2020


“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 27th edition of HiPCHiPC 2020 will be held VIRTUALLY this year. The registration fees for authors will be reduced and details regarding the same will be communicated later. We are also working with the sponsors to offer complimentary access to the online publications as well as the virtual meeting.”



The IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics (HiPC) is organizing HYPER, an annual initiative that brings together teams of students/developers with researchers from academia/industry to develop innovative open source software that have scientific value and result in research publications in the areas of high performance and cloud computing, and data science and analytics. HYPER aims to combine the human capital of high quality programmers among students and practitioners, with mentorship by senior researchers, to produce

  1. Open source software artifacts to benefit the scientific and enterprise community

  2.Good quality peer-reviewed research papers

  3. Train students in research methods. It also allows industry partners to champion     these activities by sponsoring soft resources, travel, internships, medals, etc.


HYPER will also facilitate industry interaction with high-quality students. Research minded faculty and students will also get an opportunity to work with industry experts.

HYPER will run for 6 months, starting from team formation in March to final publication of the software outcomes and submission of a research paper by September/October, with the teams participating in a mid-term review during IndoSys in July, and a final presentation at the HiPC conference in December.

HYPER is loosely based on the model followed by Google’s Summer of Code, but with research outcomes expected.



Please email your submission (either a proposal or a participating team) in the above prescribed format (pdf) only to [email protected]



Proposals Due: February 29, 2020

Team submissions Due: March 31, 2020

Matchmaking done: April 07, 2020

Feedback from proposers on binding, Sponsors for championing: May 12, 2020

Mid-term Review at IndoSys: July 15, 2020

Project completion and checkin code/video online on GitHub: Sep 30, 2020

Papers due Oct, 31, 2020

HiPC BoF: Dec 15, 2020


                                Call for Sponsors                     Call for Proposals                           Call for Teams



HYPER Steering Committee

Dinkar Sitaram (PES University)

K V Subramaniam (PES University)

Madhu Govindaraju (Binghamton University)

Siddhartha Nandi (NetApp India)

Yogesh Simmhan (IISc)


HYPER Organizing Committee

 Chinmay Bhat (PES University)


Supported By

HiPC Trust