HiPC Year of Programming, Exploration and Research (HYPER)

HiPC 2020

“This year due to Covid-19, this event is cancelled”.

Call for Sponsors

We offer the opportunity for institutions to sponsor various activities of HYPER. These include, sponsorship for:

●      Projects (e.g., soft resources such as Cloud time, stipend for interns, cost of travel to IndoSys and HiPC) — these may be directed to a specific project or to any project,

●      Organization of IndoSys (HiPC sponsorships are handled directly by the conference)

●      Medals and awards


Sponsorship levels start at Rs.25,000.

Deadline for champions: February 29, 2020



Please email your submission (either a proposal or a participating team) in the above prescribed format (pdf) only to [email protected]



Proposals Due: February 29, 2020

Team submissions Due: March 31, 2020

Matchmaking done: April 07, 2020

Feedback from proposers on binding, Sponsors for championing: May 12, 2020

Mid-term Review at IndoSys: July 15, 2020

Project completion and checkin code/video online on GitHub: Sep 30, 2020

Papers due: Oct, 31, 2020

HiPC BoF: Dec 15, 2020