HiPC Year of Programming, Exploration and Research (HYPER)

HiPC 2020

“This year due to Covid-19, this event is cancelled”.


Call for Proposals

We invite project proposals from researchers at academic institutions and industry to propose software development problems that are challenging and novel. Good proposals will be a technically well-defined problem, are based on leveraging existing open source code and open data, have innovation ideas that will enable a research publication, and the outcomes can be achieved about 6 months by a competent team. If any specialized computing platform such as clusters, accelerators, etc. are required and can be provided, please list them.

All proposals must have an associated mentor. It is important that the mentors are willing and able to spend time with the teams, typically 1 hour per week, during the course of the project. This is key to the success. The mentors are also strongly encouraged to attend the midterm and final review, at IndoSys and HiPC.

All code and data generated through HYPER must be open, and posted on a GitHub page with royalty-free license. Optionally, the proposers may host teams solving their problem at their institution.

●      Organization (Institution, Department, Lab, etc.)

●      Mentor (Name, title, email)

●      Title

●      Description (150-300 words)

●      Technical Skill Set Required

●      Resources Provided (specialized environments like clusters, VMs, accelerators; open datasets to be used for validation; existing open source code)

●      Open Source License (code must be posted on github and made available without fee; e.g., Apache, GPL, LGPL, BSD)

●      Internship (Optional – are you willing to host the team members for an internship? With or without pay? For how long? Do you require that they intern with you?)

●      Additional Reading (Optional)

●      Champions (Optional – if you have already identified champions to sponsor your effort, list them here; if not, you may ask for specific resources to help with this project)

●      Undertaking (Optional – approvals, open source, etc.)


Deadline for proposal: February 29, 2020


Once posted, teams will have a chance to interact with the mentors to solicit more details. Champions will also have a chance to interact with the mentors to understand and offer additional support to the project.



Please email your submission (either a proposal or a participating team) in the above prescribed format (pdf) only to [email protected]



Proposals Due: February 29, 2020

Team submissions Due: March 31, 2020

Matchmaking done: April 07, 2020

Feedback from proposers on binding, Sponsors for championing: May 12, 2020

Mid-term Review at IndoSys: July 15, 2020

Project completion and checkin code/video online on GitHub: Sep 30, 2020

Papers due Oct, 31, 2020

HiPC BoF: Dec 15, 2020