4th HiPC Workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

December 17, 2018



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is one of the active and highly demanding research areas, and in which computers with the application of numerical methods are used to solve problems involving fluid flows. With the recent advances in the field of CFD, numerical methods are now capable of solving complex flow physics and can be coupled with structural analysis and others. CFD analysis is extensively used in many industries, e.g., in aerospace, automobile, oil and gas, energy, electronics, healthcare, and it is now become an essential tool to design parameters. CFD can also be used to understand the physics of the flow at full scales under realistic operating conditions, where experiments are either not feasible or very costly. CFD analysis is a cost effective alternative or complement to experiments. Since several equations with millions of unknowns need to be solved iteratively, CFD analysis requires enormous computational power and efficient parallel implementations of the numerical algorithms.

Recent developments in computer hardware and parallel implementations have reduced the computational time in CFD analysis. Nevertheless, the scalability of CFD codes is still very challenging in many large scale applications, and the computations take several days to simulate a few seconds of real time physics. It sometime makes CFD an impractical tool for some of the industrial applications.

This workshop is intended for CFD user community to provide a common platform to share their experiences, best practices and challenges in High performance computing, and to discuss with the developers of hardware and algorithms to use advanced numerical methods and to implement numerical algorithms efficiently in high performance computing.



·     Computational Modeling of Free Surface and Multiphase Flows

·     Computational Modeling of Flows with Surfactants

·     Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problems

·     Aerodynamics

·     Aerothermics

·     Complex Heat Transfer and thermal management

·     Turbulence Modeling

·     Multiphysics Modeling

·     Complex Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids

·      CFD for Biomedical applications

·      Visualization

·      High Performance computing (HPC) in CFD 




Authors are invited to submit original unpublished research in the form of extended abstracts (maximum three A4 page) that demonstrate current research in areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Abstracts will be shortlisted for oral or poster presentation.

Abstract should include:

o Background/Motivation/Objective for the present work

o Key outcomes/results

o Novelty/contribution of this work.

Among shortlisted abstracts, best quality abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and rest for poster presentation. Authors of abstracts shortlisted for oral presentation will send full articles.

The articles will be peer reviewed and published in IEEE proceedings.


Workshop Schedule

·      Keynote speech

·      Technical paper presentation

·      Panel discussion

·      General conclusions

·      Poster session


Important Dates

       July 21, 2018   August 7, 2018                        : Extended Abstract Submission deadline

•     August 7, 2018  September 3, 2018             : Notification of Acceptance

•     September 7, 2018 September 17, 2018     : Full Manuscript Submission for Review

•     September 25, 2018 September 28, 2018   : Reviewers comments on Manuscript

•     October 3, 2018 October 29, 2018:               : Camera Ready Paper submission

•     December 17, 2018                                         : HiPC CFD workshop in Bengaluru


For more details on registration, travel and lodging please check: http://www.hipc.org/

For article submission procedure, please check: https://goo.gl/1unVw8


Authors may contact the Organizers at the email address below for further information or clarification.



Vinay R Gopala, Shell  (vinay.gopala@gmail.com)

Shauvik De, Shell (ashde2004@gmail.com)


Program Committee Chairs

Suranjan Sarkar, Shell

Amit Kesarkar, NARL


Advisory Committee

·       N. Balakrishnan, IISC

·       Lourens Post, Shell


Technical committee & Potential Speakers/Contributors

·       Pratap Sathiah, Shell

·       Sridhar Hari, Siemens

·       L. Srinivasa Mohan, ANSYS

·       Suman Basu, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited

·       Suman Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur

·       Raja Banerjee, IIT Hyderabad

·       Kendrick Aung, Lamar University

·       Sashikumaar Ganesan, IISC

·       Vagesh Narasimhamurthy, IIT Madras 






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