Fostering Industry Academia Partnership

HiPC 2019 - BoF Session


HiPC attracts participants from academia and industry and serves as a natural place to develop stronger ties between academia and industry. The goal of this session will be to have panelists from both industry and academia to discuss the following questions in the Indian context:


1. What should be the goals for a tighter Industry-Academia partnership?

2. What are the key challenges in enabling tighter industry and academia partnerships?

3. What problems are worthy of academic engagement to pursue research that would be relevant to the Indian industry?

4. What are the possible tactical and strategic initiatives that both sides can take to leverage each other better?

5. What can HiPC do to enable a deeper partnership in this regard?

6. What can/should the government do to foster such partnerships?

7. What can the attendees/organizers of HiPC do to address this challenge?


Invited Panelists


  • Dr. Uday Desai, IIT Hyderabad
  • Dr. P J Narayanan, IIIT Hyderabad
  • Vishnu Manchu, CEO, Sree Vidyaniketan University Trust
  • Dr. Chakravarthy Bhagvati, Central University, Hyderabad
  • Dr. Pallab Barua, Sri Satya Sai Insititute of Higher learning
  • Dr. Govindarajan, IISc Bengaluru


  • Prakash Raghvendra, AMD Fellow, Bengaluru, India
  • Dr. Manish Gupta, Engineering Director, Google research, Bengaluru
  • Sandeep Kohli, VP of Engineering at Flipkart


Moderator: Rama Govindaraju, Engineering Director, Google Platforms Engineering, Sunnyvale

The session will start with each panelist spending 10 minutes responding to the questions above followed by Q&A from the audience and the moderator. The session is currently scheduled for the afternoon of Dec. 18th, 2019

Moderator: [email protected] , Contacts: [email protected]

Date: Dec. 18, 2019, Time: afternoon

Session: Birds of a Feather, Context: Industry, Academia









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