Sponsored Technical Sessions

Industry partners are scheduled to hold technical sessions related to their company’s technology as described here. As more details are available, they will be provided on this page. All registered HiPC attendees are eligible to participate in these sessions.




(Day 2 – December 19th – time to be announced)

Topic: Accelerating your workloads with NVMe SSDs

Join Esther Spanjer from Western Digital for this presentation where she will discuss how NVMe SSDs are enabling the next generation datacenter. She will discuss the unique advantages of NVMe SSDs over alternative solutions and discuss the best use cases for NVMe SSD in a variety of environments, such as vSAN, Hadoop, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, SQL Server and others. She will furthermore discuss the next development in the datacenter when NVMe Over Fabric will be introduced, and how this can enable new architectures that allow for higher performance at lower cost.

Speaker: Esther Spanjer, Western Digital

Esther Spanjer is Director of Business Development EMEA at Western Digital. With more than 22 years of experience in the flash industry, Ms. Spanjer has gained valuable knowledge on the requirements for flash-based storage solutions in enterprise storage applications. She has authored more than 30 articles in international publications and conference proceedings, and has been chosen to speak at a number of industry events, including DiskCon, ARM Developers conference, Server Blade Summit, Storage Networking World and Flash Memory Summit. She holds a B.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University Amsterdam (Netherlands) and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco (USA).




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