HiPC '96

The following letter was sent electronically to Authors of accepted papers.

Dear Author,

Your paper is to be published in the proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 96), being held December 19-22, 1996, in Trivandrum, India.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING COMPLETELY BEFORE FORMATTING YOUR PAPER (THERE IS MORE THAN ONE PAGE TO THIS LETTER)! We also ask that you include "HiPC" in the subject lines of all e-mails for this conference. If this is omitted, your message may not be able to be retrieved or processed as promptly as you or we would like. Also note that we do not acknowledge receipt of individual papers due to the volume involved. If there are any problems with your papers, we *will* contact you, otherwise you may assume everything is in order.

Attached to this letter is a set of instructions for formatting your paper. If you have formatting/publication questions, please contact me, Mary E. Kavanaugh, at Ph: + Intl. 714-821-8380 x 3107, Fax: + Intl. 714-761-1784, or e-mail: M.kavanaugh@computer.org.

For conference registration-related questions contact professor Ajay Gupta at hipc96@cs.wmich.edu. Additional information regarding the meeting including the Advance Program will be made available on the Web at www.usc.edu/dept/ceng/prasanna/home.html.

o GUIDELINES/FORMATTING - See the attachment: INSTRUCT.TXT. LaTeX macros are also available and you can pick them up from the ftp site (address is below), should you wish to use them. It is also highly recommended that you use version 2e and not any older versions.

o PAGE LIMIT - 6 pages. Up to 4 extra pages are allowed, at a cost of $150.00 US EACH. Please make your check payable to: HiPC and include it with your paper. [Do NOT make it out to any other name. Extra pages not paid for will NOT be published.] If you need a receipt, complete the receipt request form and include it with your check and manuscript. See attachment: RECEIPT.TXT

o COPYRIGHT release - print out the form, fill it out COMPLETELY (include the TITLE of your paper, AUTHORS, etc.), and send it with your paper -- we cannot publish your paper without it and incomplete forms are not valid. See attachment: COPYRGHT.TXT

o IF you submit your paper electronically (see below), please fax your copyright form to: + Intl. 714-761-1784, then send it to my attention at the address below. If you also have extra pages, send your check with a photocopy of the first page of your paper to the address below. First class mail is fine in either case.

o MANUSCRIPT - Please submit an ORIGINAL of your paper. We must have the best quality possible. If you submit an electronic version, you need not send a hard copy in unless you wish to do so.

o REPRINTS - Print out the form and use it if you wish to order reprints. See: REPRINTS.TXT

o ELECTRONIC ABSTRACT of your paper - Only E-mailed abstracts will be accepted. Send them to: HIPC-abs@computer.org. *after* July 31.

o ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION of papers. You may submit your paper electronically as follows. Submit your file in plain ascii postscript only, NOT encapsulated or encoded, to our FTP site:

Log on as "anonymous" and access FTP.COMPUTER.ORG.

Place it in subdirectory: pub/incoming/cspress/HiPC-96/

If you have any questions, please contact me!

o MAILING your paper - Put HiPC-96 on the envelope and send it to my attention. Be sure to include your name and address as the point of origin. We suggest you use an express or courier service to make sure your paper arrives in time for publication. Don't forget to include your copyright form. For electronic submissions, see instructions above.



     Mary E. Kavanaugh - HiPC-96         Phone: + Intl. 714-821-8380 x 3107
     IEEE Computer Society               Fax: + Intl. 714-761-1784
     10662 Los Vaqueros Circle           E-mail: m.kavanaugh@computer.org
     Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA