HiPC 2013 Onsite FAQ Sheet

  • All HiPC 2013 attendees must be registered to attend any of the events during all four days. If attending on only one day, a one-day registration is available onsite.
  • For those attendees who have pre-registered, there will be a badge waiting when you arrive at registration. Your badge is your passport to all HiPC events, meals and refreshments, so please take care to have it with you each day and to display your badge while in attendance.
  • If for any reason, a volunteer cannot find your registration record, it will help to resolve your situation if you bring with you a printed record of your registration, preferably a copy of the email sent confirming your registration.
  • If you pre-registered online, but arranged for payment on-site, you may go directly to the Finance Desk to complete your registration. When you have your receipt, you may check in to pick up your badge and materials.
  • If you are not pre-registered, AND have access to a laptop and will be paying by credit card, please register online before you arrive at the registration desk. They will be able to check your registration confirmation and prepare a badge so you can pick up your materials.
  • If you are not pre-registered, AND do not have access to a laptop and will be paying cash, you should go directly to the New Registration Desk. A volunteer will help you to complete your registration and prepare your badge so you can pick up your materials.
  • If a HiPC 2013 sponsor or supporting organization has invited you to register as their employee or guest but you have not done so online, you need to go to the New Registrations Desk.

Park Plaza Bengaluru Hotel
Meeting Rooms & Foyer Areas

Registration opens at 7:00 AM on all four days of the conference and is located by the Reception area. There will be mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee/tea/snacks breaks and lunch on all four days. Break and lunch times vary by day; see the start of each day in the detailed program for break and lunch times for that day.