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HiPC 2003 - Bangalore, India - December 17-20
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The following is the text of the e-mail sent out to all scholarship awardees. Please contact the Scholarships chair in case of any problems.


Dear HIPC participant,
It is only a few days before the conference begins. This mail is being sent to provide you more information about your stay at Hyderabad.

First of all, your accommodation has been arranged in the student hostels of IIIT, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)

The accommodation is available from 12:00 noon on 16th to 12:00 noon on 21st of Dec.

For those of you who arrive earlier or would like to stay later please be prepared to pay the per day charge of about Rs. 150 Per day. However this depends purely on the availability of the accommodation and will of the IIIT administration.

IIIT is located at Gachibowli, 20 Kms from the Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station, 25 Kms from the Kacheguda Railway Station, and 28 Kms from Secunderabad Railway Station. Please note that Hyderabad has three main Railway Stations as stated above. Mostly trains from North and East of India arrive first at Secunderabad. However the train from Bangalore arrives at Kacheguda (as of this day). Mumbai and other western regional trains arrive at Hyderabad Deccan (also known as Nampally Station)

Below we give the directions to reach IIIT from each of these stations. Please note that the amounts are suggested and indicative but actuals could be about 10% more. Beware and bargain for less if you like/can :-). You are advised to take the bus services since they are the cheapest and reasonably fast, if you can carry your luggage a bit.

FROM HYDERABAD DECCAN RAILWAY STATION (also called Nampally station):
1. Taxi : Rs.250/- (Available round the clock).
2. Auto-rickshaw : Rs.150/- (Available round the clock).
3. Auto-rickshaw & bus :
(a) Take auto-rickshaw to Mehdipatnam (Charge around Rs 50/- on meter) and take a bus or mini taxi from Mehdipatnam (going towards Lingampally) (bus stop/Mini taxi stand is just before Global Trust Bank, Mehidipatnam Branch). and bus route Nos: 216 or 217
(b) Get down at IIIT campus (actually IIIT campus doesn't have a bus stop; you should get down at JNIDB stop and walk straight further to IIIT for 50 metres.)
(c) Your accommodation is booked at IIIT Students Hostel. Information for the hostel accomodation will be there from the security at the IIIT Main office.

Direction for IIIT main office:
(e) After entering the campus turn right. Go past the first white building. Go to the second white building, also called Building B. (Distance from main gate to B building entrance is around 300 metres)

Secunderabad Station is located in other corner of the city.
1. Taxi : Charges roundtrip fare Rs.300/- (Available round the clock)
2. Autorickshaw : Charges roundtrip fare Rs.200/- (Available round the clock)
3. Bus Conveyance : Take autorickshaw or bus route no:5 to Mehdipatnam bus stop. and take a bus or mini taxi from Mehdipatnam (going towards Lingampally) (bus stop/Mini taxi stand is just before Global Trust Bank, Mehdipatnam Branch). and bus route Nos: 216 or 217

1. Those who are coming from Mumbai by Hyderabad-Bombay Express train only can get down at Lingampally Railway Station. IIIT is very nearer to Lingampally Railway Station. [Please note that Hussain Sagar Express train will not come to Lingampally Railway Station.]
2. Lingampally Railway Station will come before 45 minutes to Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station.
3. Hyderabad Express Train (Bombay-Hyderabad train) reaches in the early morning around 4.35 AM.
4.Auto rickshaws will be there and you inform that IIIT at Gachibowli and opposite to CMC. Charge for Autorickshaw: Rs.50/- (approx); charges are without meter.
5.After entering into the campus - follow the directions same as in 3b onwards.

If any problem in locating the address, kindly contact the following telephone nos: 23001967/3001969 (IIIT Office)

The information on registration and tutorial will be available at IIIT. Please ensure that you register early on 17th December to avoid rush.

There will be a travel re-imbursement form available at the registration desk. You will need to provide the original ticket for the inward journey and you should also have a photocopy of the ticket for the outward journey. Please do not surrender your ticket at the railway station. You should also carry a photo-identity card issued by your college.

Wishing you a very pleasant journey,

-Atul Negi

BTW: Temperatures are expected to be around 15 degrees C at night so some warm clothing is advised.