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HiPC 2003 - Bangalore, India - December 17-20
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Friday Dec. 19

8 :3 0 a m - 9 :3 0 a m
"Energy Aware Algorithm Design via Probabilistic Computing: From Algorithms and Models to Moore’s Law and Novel (Semiconductor) Devices"
Krishna V. Palem
Georgia Institute of Technology

1 0 :0 0 a m - n o o n
System Support in Overlay Networks, Clusters, and Grid
Chair: Subhankar Dhar
San José State University

Designing SANs to Support Low-Fanout Multicasts
Rajendra V. Boppana and Rajesh Boppana, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, Suresh Chalasani, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA

POMA:Prioritized Overlay Multicast in Ad-hoc Environments
Abhishek Patil, Yunhao Liu, Lionel M. Ni, Li Xiao and Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, Michigan State University, USA

Supporting Mobile Multimedia Services with Intermittently Available Grid Resources
Yun Huang and Nalini Venkatasubramanian, University of California, Irvine, USA

Exploiting Nonblocking Remote Memory Access Communication in Scientific Benchmarks on Clusters
Vinod Tipparaju, Manojkumar Krishnan, and Jarek Nieplocha, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, Gopalakrishnan Santhanaraman and D. K. Panda, Ohio State University, USA

1 0 :0 0 a m - n o o n
Scheduling and Software Algorithms
Chair: Rahul Garg
IBM India

Scheduling Directed A-Cyclic Task Graphs on a Bounded Set of Heterogeneous Processors using Task Duplication
Christopher Dickinson and Sanjeev Baskiyar, Auburn University, USA

Double-Loop Feedback-Based Scheduling Approach for Distributed Real-Time Systems
Suzhen Lin and G. Manimaran, Iowa State University, USA

Combined Scheduling of Hard and Soft Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems
B. Duwairi and G. Manimaran, Iowa State University, USA

An Efficient Algorithm to Detect Cycles in SPMD Programs
Manish P. Kurhekar, IBM India Research Lab, India, Rajkishore Barik, ETH Zentrum, Switzerland, Umesh Kumar, India Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Dynamic Load Balancing for I/O-Intensive Tasks on Heterogeneous Clusters
Xiao Qin, Hong Jiang, Yifeng Zhu, and David R. Swanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

1 :0 0 p m - 2 :0 0 p m
"High Performance Computing Challenges in the Environmental Sciences"
Per Nyberg
Cray Inc.

2 :0 0 p m - 2 :3 0 p m

2 :3 0 p m - 5 :0 0 p m
This session will emphasize novel applications of high performance computing. It will offer a brief presentation time for each poster followed by a walk-up and talk setting.

For submission details, contact the poster/presentation chair:
Rajkumar Buyya, The University of Melbourne.(rajkumar@buyya.com)

6 :3 0 p m - 9 :3 0 p m
Speaker: Ketan Sampat, President, Intel India