Information to Awardees of HiPC 2000 Scholarships

Please check the list of awardees to make sure that your name appears in it, and that if you had asked for accomodation to be arranged, then it should say YES in the Accomodation column. The tutorial that you can attend is being worked out. We will try to put that information also on the website, but in the worst case, you can find out about it at the registration desk.

Your accomodation is being arranged. Upon arrival in Bangalore (i.e. from the railway station/bus stand), students should contact Hotel Kamadhenu to confirm their accommodation and to get the latest info on accommodation. It is likely that some of the students will be accommodated at another hotel; that hotel's name and address will be available at the hotel mentioned below by saturday. Please visit this page again on a later date for additional information.

            Hotel Kamadhenu  
            Phone: 557-4454, contact Mr.Subash or Mr.Shivaji
            (Note: Mention "HiPC Conference" when contacting the hotel)
            (Note: Accommodation is 3 students per room)

            Trinity Circle
            Opposite Taj Residency
            Mahatma Gandhi Road (M.G.Road)
Click to here for information on how to get to Hotel Kamadhenu

Important Telephone Numbers

If you have any trouble on reaching Bangalore, you can call any of the following numbers for assistance:

  Mr. A.K.P. Nambiar, Finance Co-Chair			(080) 333-7363
    (contact this number only if the hotel
    does not provide enough info. Also, contact 
    this number only between 7AM and 10PM)
  HPC Lab, IISc. 					(080) 309-2794
    (contact this number only if both the
    hotel and Mr.Nambiar are not available. 
    This number is only for emergency/late-night/etc. 
    Some HiPC volunteer will most likely be available 
    at this number. )

Duration of Accomodation
The conference starts on 17th December, and ends on 20th. We will arrange for accomodation from 16th till 21st December to take care of people whose train timings are such that they have to arrive early or leave a bit later. The checkin time on 16th will be 12:00 Noon. And checkout time on 21st will also be 12:00 Noon. If you are planning to arrive early or leave a little later, then I am afraid you will need to make your own arrangements for the rest of the duration. Please send email to the local organizer, if you need assistance in this regard. The email address is .

Conference is being held at Taj Residency Hotel at MG Road. MG Road is the most famous road in Bangalore, and everybody knows the Taj Residency hotel there. You can get the directions for the hotel at the place of your stay.

You may report at the registration desk at the conference venue, who will have a list of all Scholarship Awardees. They will register you for the conference. Please bring your college ID card for identification purposes.

The information on which tutorial you have been assigned will also be available at the registration desk.

Travel Reimbursement
The registration desk will have travel reimbursement forms for you. You should not surrender the train ticket when you come out of Bangalore railway station. You will need to attach that to the travel form. Also, you should bring a photocopy of the ticket for outward journey. HiPC will reimburse you sleeper class fare between Bangalore and your place of stay (which could be either your college, or your home).

Getting to the hotel

The hotel is located at one end of M.G.Road, opposite landmarks such as Kids Kemp and Taj Residency (the conference venue), which are located at the Trinity Circle -- a big junction of 4 roads, with a big set of traffic lights. The hotel is also close to Lido Theatre, another landmark.
Take a pre-paid auto-rickshaw from the railway station or the inter-city bus stand (these two are opposite each other). The hotel is about 6km from the railway station/bus-stand. Auto-rickshaw might cost between Rs.30/- and Rs.40/-, roughly. Auto-fare is 50% higher after 10pm and before 6am. If you do not get a pre-paid auto, there is a good chance the driver will take you on a circuitous route and charge more. Even with pre-paid autos, in case the driver demands excess money, you can note down his license number and tell him you will report to the traffic police. Often this threat is enough to prevent excess charges.
Alternately, you can also take a bus that goes to M.G.Road and get off at Trinity Circle or at Lido Theatre stop or at Mayo Hall stop and walk from there to the hotel. The local bus stand is opposite both the railway station and the inter-city bus stand. Local buses start at 5am, and stop around 10pm. "Pushpak" buses are better than ordinary buses, when available.

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